John Kelly

Senior Consultant, Hydrogen

John Kelly joined AFRY Management Consulting in 2021, having previously worked in the energy industry and capital projects for 16 years with Shell, Sasol and IPA. He has detailed knowledge of the technical challenges of blue and green hydrogen projects and the policy support framework in the UK. John’s role is to help develop AFRY’s UK Hydrogen Business with a focus on strategy, policy, economics, risks and feasibility issues. John has an MBA in Energy Leadership from Texas A&M University as well as a PhD in Geology from University of Birmingham and a MSci in Astrophysics and Geology from Keele University. With capital projects execution background and knowing the competitors to green hydrogen he can offer a different perspective on the challenges facing green hydrogen in the UK

07 Dec
 - 16:40 GMT
Panel Discussion

Green hydrogen offers a huge opportunity to decarbonise heavy industry and to promote growth in the wind sector but to deliver on the promise, there are barriers to overcome. This session will uncover lender and investor appetite in the market, how the cost of equipment is changing, where governments are fostering local industries and what the offtake market for hydrogen looks like.

  • Turning the hype into reality – how close are we to developing a green hydrogen market, powered by wind, at scale?
  • What are the costs likely to look like (electrolyser capital cost, wind cost)?
  • What do investors and lenders need to see to meet the need of this new market?
  • How will lenders and investors assess the risk in a new market of hardware suppliers?
  • How will manufacturers scale to a GW market?
  • Is there a need for a support mechanism?