Guillaume Ridoux

Manager - Energy Market Advisory Services
Hitachi Energy
Guillaume Ridoux, Pre Sales Solution Consultant, Hitachi Energy

Guillaume heads the European energy market advisory team at Hitachi Energy. His team focuses on developing long-term electricity price curves for the European energy markets, energy assets due diligence services and implementing software solutions for energy markets and portfolio analysis.

Since 2019, Guillaume has been overseeing the development of Hitachi Energy’s power market reports (the Power Reference Case) covering electricity and fuel forecasts, including hydrogen. He also advised major developers on interconnectors, renewables and electrolyser projects.

Prior to his current role, Guillaume worked in consulting and sales for Hitachi Energy (formerly ABB) in Europe and Asia and earned a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.

07 Dec
 - 10:25 GMT

If able to be produced at scale, Green Hydrogen will be key in the global transition away from fossil fuels. However, there are still questions that need to answered about its efficiency of production and efficacy of transportation to be delivered at scale effectively.

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