Geoff Hoffheinz

Chief Engineer
Glennmont Partners

Geoff has been with Glennmont Partners since 2013, and has nearly thirty years of international technical experience in renewable energy development, operation, maintenance, due diligence, advisory and asset management experience to the company.

Prior to joining the company, he worked with private equity funds in Dublin investing in the renewable energy sector and developing a technical asset management business for the funds.

Previously Geoff worked as a Principal Consultant for a leading Renewable Energy Technical Advisor, SgurrEnergy, as well as developing their Solar Team, Hydro Team and the Ireland Office.

Before moving to the Northern Hemisphere, Geoff held the position of Chief Production Engineer of 1GW of hydro electric power plants on the Waikato River
in New Zealand.

Geoff’s technical experience covers Solar, Wind, Hydro (large and small scale), Biomass and Geothermal technologies.

Geoff works within the Asset Management Team of Glennmont Partners responsible for the technical aspects and management of the operational, construction, and development portfolio of solar, wind, and bioenergy assets within the funds. He provides technical oversight across the investment, divestment and asset management functions of the company, as well as managing and overseeing the fund’s “in-construction” assets. Geoff manages the technical team within the company.

08 Dec
 - 10:35 GMT
Panel Discussion

As portfolios scale up, and the technology mix becomes more complex – perhaps with batteries included, perhaps with more software and increasingly complex data, this session looks at the next level of asset management and how to manage a mixed portfolio across a wide selection of jurisdictions and how to really increase returns.

  • How are companies dealing with huge portfolios of assets as they age?
  • With 345 MW of projects being repowered in 2020, how are companies dealing with this growing trend?
  • What is the best way to ensure your data is telling you something meaningful?
  • Are operators getting access to enough data from vendors?