Bernhard Brodbeck

CEO & Founder
WinJi AG

Bernhard is founder & CEO. He holds a MSc from ETH Zurich and an execMBA from HSG. Prior to founding Winji, he was acting as deputy CEO and board member of IWB, responsible for M&A and asset management of a >1GW renewable energy portfolio. He has been working in Europe, USA, South-East Asia and China.

08 Dec
 - 10:35 GMT
Panel Discussion

As portfolios scale up, and the technology mix becomes more complex – perhaps with batteries included, perhaps with more software and increasingly complex data, this session looks at the next level of asset management and how to manage a mixed portfolio across a wide selection of jurisdictions and how to really increase returns.

  • How are companies dealing with huge portfolios of assets as they age?
  • With 345 MW of projects being repowered in 2020, how are companies dealing with this growing trend?
  • What is the best way to ensure your data is telling you something meaningful?
  • Are operators getting access to enough data from vendors?