2021 AgendA

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 - 08:50 GMT

Take this opportunity to collect your badge, grab a coffee and some snacks and see who's in the room. In-person networking is back! So don't miss this chance to catch up with peers old and new.

 - 09:30 GMT
, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
 - 10:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

This session will look at what to expect in 2022. We analyse major projects announced, upcoming tenders and how the sector is closing the gap between where we are now and executing ambitious installation targets set by international governments

, Managing Partner / CEO
, Glennmont Partners
, Octopus Generation
, Wind Associate
, Bloomberg New Energy Finance - BNEF
, Chief Development Officer, Europe
, Brookfield Renewable Power
, Partner
, Greencoat Capital
 - 10:20 GMT
, Wind Associate
, Bloomberg New Energy Finance - BNEF
 - 11:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

This panel will look at changing ownership profiles within the sector. As we see a rise in oil and gas companies interested in renewables, what impact will these larger companies have on the sector? Is wind becoming more of a game for larger players? How are current asset owners planning for the future and what looks attractive from an acquisition perspective?

  • What trends emerged in 2021 – a move towards acquiring development platforms or pipeline?
  • What kind of assets are buyers looking for to compliment existing portfolios?
  • How are pipelines or projects being valued? What’s changed in 2021?
  • How big an impact has the onus on ESG had on fundraising?
, Partner, Sustainable Infrastructure
, Denham Capital
, Head of Power Advisory & Project Finance
, Société Générale
, Chief Investment Officer
, NTR plc
 - 11:30 GMT
 - 12:15 GMT
Panel Discussion

As subsidies wane across Europe, there is a need for generators to look at their routes to market and much has been said of the merchant model but are investors ready to take on the risk of merchant projects?

  • What’s the cost of capital for these deals going to look like?
  • Which risks are acceptable as you approach a merchant project and which need to be hedged?
  • What hedging mechanisms are in the market?
  • Is the cPPA market deep enough to protect the bottom line?
, Senior Manager - PPA and Sustainability Solutions
, Head of PE/Infrastructure, Executive Director
, Impax Asset Management
, Product Director, Energy Portfolio
, Brady Technologies
, Executive Director, Project Finance
, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
 - 13:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

This session is a chance to discuss the future of power sales as companies move away from subsidised projects and reduce reliance on PPAs, towards trading energy. We will discuss how companies can navigate these waters as power prices fluctuate, what hedging mechanisms exist and how nimble and responsive you need to be to succeed.

, Principal of Structured & Asset Prigination
, EnBW
, Head of European Power
, Shell Energy Europe
 - 14:00 GMT
 - 15:15 GMT
Panel Discussion

As portfolios scale up, and the technology mix becomes more complex – perhaps with batteries included, perhaps with more software and increasingly complex data, this session looks at the next level of asset management and how to manage a mixed portfolio across a wide selection of jurisdictions and how to really increase returns.

  • How are companies dealing with huge portfolios of assets as they age?
  • With 345 MW of projects being repowered in 2020, how are companies dealing with this growing trend?
  • What is the best way to ensure your data is telling you something meaningful?
  • Are operators getting access to enough data from vendors?
 - 15:45 GMT
 - 16:30 GMT
Panel Discussion

Green hydrogen offers a huge opportunity to decarbonise heavy industry and to promote growth in the wind sector but to deliver on the promise, there are barriers to overcome. This session will uncover lender and investor appetite in the market, how the cost of equipment is changing, where governments are fostering local industries and what the offtake market for hydrogen looks like.

  • Turning the hype into reality – how close are we to developing a green hydrogen market, powered by wind, at scale?
  • What are the costs likely to look like (electrolyser capital cost, wind cost)?
  • What do investors and lenders need to see to meet the need of this new market?
  • How will lenders and investors assess the risk in a new market of hardware suppliers?
  • How will manufacturers scale to a GW market?
  • Is there a need for a support mechanism?
, Managing Director
, Barclays Investment Bank
, Hydrogen Regulatory and Subsidy Expert
, APREN (Renewable Energy Association, Portugal)
 - 17:15 GMT
Panel Discussion
, Managing Director
, Gresham House New Energy
 - 18:45 GMT

Join us at the end of day one for a round or two of drinks and catch up with attendees at the event. We've missed in-person networking and look forward to seeing you there!