Marc Schmitz

Head Renewables Project Finance Europe

Marc has been active in the renewable energy sector for nearly 25 years and already working within the project finance team for 20 over years. Marc is currently managing director and heading the European renewable energy project finance team. Marc has structured many renewable energy transactions. Started beginning 2000 with financing smaller wind farms in the Netherlands (also based on tax structures), structuring greenhouse financings, co-generation plants, geotherminal and biomass projects, biofuels projects, solar and battery projects. Played a key role in building up the financings for Rabobank of the first offshore windfarms world wide (Prinses Amalia wind farm, C-Power and Belwind from 2006-2010) and have now over 30 offshore wind farm financings in our books. We are currently a top  player worldwide with the financings of over 50 renewable energy transactions (ranging from EUR 40mio – EUR 2 bio +) a year. Focus areas are Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Nordics, UK, Ireland, France, Italy and Poland.  We have financed many onshore wind farms in the Nordics based on corporate PPA’s with partially merchant risk. In Spain we have also financed several solar farms based on corporate PPA’s.

06 Dec
 - 11:40 GMT
Panel Discussion

The price of raw materials has sky rocketed in 2022, on an upward trajectory before the war in Ukraine. The knock on effect means that projects' construction costs are increasing as turbines become more expensive. Find out how to best prepare yourselves to limit the affect inflation will have on constructing your projects.

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