Low carbon energy sources, including renewables and nuclear, generated 54% of Britain’s electricity between 31 October and 18 December, saving British households over £5.7 billion during this period, said RenewableUK.

Renewables generated the majority of the UK’s energy at 40%, whilst nuclear provided 14%. Record levels of wind generation saw the sector account for 56% of Britain’s low carbon energy during this period, whilst nuclear made up 27%.

RenewableUK have praised private investments alongside supportive Government policies for the rise in renewable generation across Britain.

At the beginning of December for example, the UK government announced that it is to relax its de facto ban on onshore wind following growing pressure from MPs.

“Low carbon energy sources are doing the heavy lifting this winter, providing most of the power which is keeping the lights on and Britain’s homes warm at the coldest time of the year,” said Dan McGrail, CEO at RenewableUK.

“Every unit of electricity which we generate from cost-effective low carbon sources means one less generated by expensive gas imports which have sent consumer bills through the roof. Renewables are cutting people’s bills, helping hard-pressed families when they need it most.

“Every time you see a spinning turbine this winter, it’s reducing the risk of blackouts as well as reducing the cost of electricity. The £175 billion-plus of private investment which is planned for wind and other renewables over the course of this decade is the only certain way of avoiding fossil fuel crises like this in the future.”