Octopus Energy’s tech platform, Winder, has identified 2.3GW British onshore wind energy potential.

If wind turbines were built on all identified locations, Octopus stated, they would “unlock investments of over £3.4 billion”.

This would not only lead to a wave of growth in the renewable industry, but would also provide green jobs throughout the UK.

Building on Octopus’ ‘Fan Club’, Winder aims to accelerate the development of onshore wind energy in the UK by matching suitable land with wind data, grid capacity and community support.

The ‘Fan Club’ tariff provides a platform for individuals to submit requests for wind turbines in their communities. In exchange, the people closest to the wind turbines would receive cheaper power when the wind is blowing.

Since the Fan Club scheme’s launch in 2021 Octopus has reported 15,000 requests for wind turbines across the UK. In August, Octopus added a third turbine to the scheme, which it plans to expand in the UK and internationally.

CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, Zosia North-Bond, said: “The current system means it takes seven years on average to build and connect a new onshore wind turbine – but it’s possible to build it in a year. Winder shows we can massively speed up this process and make a difference by next winter. It’s possible to build more wind turbines where people want them, helping to end our fossil fuel reliance, lower energy bills and unleash economic growth.”

Onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation in the UK, but the rollout of the technology has been hampered by planning regulations. There is currently a significant push from politician’s to change this, in particular given the high power prices facing the country.

Research earlier this year from Opinion Matters showed that nine in 10 people support wind turbines in their local community, if it means cheaper electricity.